The mind-blowing aspect of photography is still, as it was in its origin, the fragile and short state of being of an irreducible instant. What interests me is approaching this moment by merging with it. It is not what is in the photo, not the moment it captures, but rather its happening. The origin—in my native language, Italian—provenience: how it came into being, then leaving a provisional track before its fast and subsequent disappearance. I observe from the inside rather than moving from subject to subject. I intend to bypass the scientific/analytical participation where the observer is taken out of the environment. Instead, listening with the eyes and with desire by being seemingly inattentive, it is possible to meet the moment, but in contretemps: letting a picture emerge in the space of my imagination. Paradoxically, through this unattended emergence, what I can see at glance takes me to the missing pieces that are hidden in every image seen. I try to record this edgy gap. This is what my photography without a subject aims to highlight.  It is an attempt to make a link with what has been covered by the process of deliberate seeing. A link to what we pass every day, but do not attend to.  My project is, above all, a study of phenomenology.

A collage of colors and shapes found throughout my photographs can thus be regarded as an answer to the voice of the different languages of the elements working together.

For me every picture is an open question; I desire to experiment under the spell of overflowing information to see how much fertile and the elastic is the space of the photography. I listen to what is regarded as mere noise, to more finely tune it, to liberate a voice to emerge. Every element has equal nobility. Each of them plays a part in the deconstruction of the image. At the same time they collaborate to liberate the unique soul at its core.

For this

My research firstly hears photography as an exploration of the edges of different contemporary arts languages. My visual theme originates from the needs of translating through photography a range of pulsions, to taste the vision in a sensitive way. My photography is an attempt  to see things behind the assigned meaning, outside the habit of view  as a practice to let the reciprocal interaction emerge. This interaction is referred to a musical, tonal order first of all. It is during the vital experience inspired by art that I find first  the possibility of imagine composition,  well before  its construction: the figures, indeed, grow up by following   its own way. It’s interesting to see the  interaction between gestures and photography as a witness. In fact, photography isn’t an images recording, but reality’s poetic witness, an originative process that transform, search transformation to find reality. This also suggest the thinking about truth, reality and immediacy conception in photography.